Transport protection

EPS packaging provides a safe means of enclosing sensitive, valuable, breakable products for transportation. The excellent shock absorption properties of EPS, in combination with an optimal design, provide the perfect protection against damage. The field of consumer electronics demands high energy absorption values, and EPS packaging fulfils these standards, even at low material densities. The high air content of the plastic beads makes EPS the lightest form of packaging in the packing industry. The packaging’s exact, rational design is another plus in terms of cost-effectiveness. Additional incorporated ribs can be used to increase the shock absorption properties still further. The variety of packaging ranges from simple impact protection to complex housings with integrated storage space for various spare parts, to complicated profiles in which even delicate components are packed firmly and securely.

In the toys industry, among others, EPS is not used just to protect parts during transportation and storage. EPS packaging also plays a key role, especially when creating an appealing exhibit in retail stores as part of sales displays, for example. End consumers can also use the EPS packaging for clean, orderly storage over a long period.

Packaging corners with
predetermined breaking points

Packaging corners with predetermined breaking points and shock absorption ribs

Angle profiles in various lengths are used for edge protection